In places you don't know,
there are encounters and experiences waiting for you that you haven't seen yet.
anytime, anywhere, anyone

Any DAO is a community revitalized around connections.
By becoming a hub connecting urban and rural areas, we aim to share local industries, experiences, and culture, and to preserve them for future generations.



What you can do when you host a project.

Discuss the community in which you live or in which you are interested.

Discussions with community members will generate ideas and plans to improve the community.

You can set up an event.

For example, you and your members can launch a community event of your own design, such as a kayaking competition or an outdoor festival.

Transcending the boundaries between the web and the real world.

You will experience a new sense of how a project decided within DAO affects the real community.

What you can do when you host a project.

To transmit the culture and nature of each region and improve the future.
We will carry out activities to create such a world.

Promotes local attractions.

Solving local problems

Experience local food and culture that you have not yet seen.




2023 〜

About NFTs

Number of NFTs issuedTotal 10,000 units (to be issued in multiple issues)
Date of issue1st October 2022
NFT Holder BenefitsAny Token
10,000 yen worth of rights to use Any Car
Right to participate in the holders-only chat
Voting rights within DAO...etc.
How to use it as a voting rightYou are entitled to vote as 1 NFT vote.
On the initial management veto.Matters that are offensive to public order and morals, matters of importance.
(dissolution of the community, dismissal of founders, distribution of NFT on the part of the management, etc...)
Uses of Sales40% is operations.
60% is DAO operations. (Advertising funds, function development funds, start-up support funds, etc.)




Meet our team

  • keny


    I love comics and freedom.
    My hobby is drinking and my life's enrichment.
    go my own way.

  • peace


    I am an incomparable ramen lover.
    Recently, I'm addicted to Aburasoba.

  • Toki


    I listen to the radio all the time.
    I like Akira Kawashima's Negoto these days.

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Any DAO is looking for colleagues who will preserve the local culture and nature for future generations and enrich the future. Why don't we work together to create the future we want to build?